Mathias Weber
Lives and works in Copenhagen

Selected works from the
period: 2013 -2019

Drift Wood Bench

Year -

Materials -
Found objects

Commision -
Private Client

Dimensions -
(H) 40 x (W) 200 (D) 40 cm

Near modern port cities, the waste remains from the industry are washed up along the shore. The materials first processed by man, are worked over anew by nature. But to what purpose? Often the remains are simply left there. Nature has been handed these objects, but the burden of responsibility cannot be placed there. The products of industry cannot become a part of the lifecycle of Nature – their processing prevents decay. Meanwhile, they have drifted far away from the industry’s sphere of responsibility.

Driftwood Bench plays with the idea of repurposing these remains. Keeping the communal nature of the objects in mind, they are brought into engagement with Nature through a simple construction, respectful of the natural processing of materials. In this way, the individual parts are reinterpreted into a complete whole, strategically placed in the immediate vicinity of their newfound home. Here the whole is left as a lookout in Nature, with room for contemplation.

Place: Tåsinge, near Svendborgsund.
Commission for private client.

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