Mathias Weber
Lives and works in Copenhagen

Selected works from the
period: 2013 -2019

Column Lights

Year -

Materials -
Concrete, steel

Dimensions -
Ø. 15 x H. 60 / 118 cm

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The lamp series Column Lights is inspired by the column monuments of the Roman Empire and their use of concrete. The production is grounded in the process of casting as a classical discipline and in the manufacturing of molds.

The cylindrical base of the lamps is cast in concrete and functions as shielding for the light scattering. A highly polished steel disc carrying the actual light source/installation is embedded in the cavity of the base and acts as a harmonic contrast to the concrete, by lighting the concrete as material and its unique surface qualities when turned on.

The aspiration behind this project has been to create objects of lighting that cultivate a volume and use of materials pushing the boundaries between the lamp as sculpture and the lamp as functional object.

The lamps are both experiments in concrete that remain as sculptural fragments of columns, as well as functional objects spreading light in the room, primarily in a upwards direction.

During the demoulding of the lamps, the concrete is treated with wax and polished. Each casting differs in surface, texture, and patina, giving Column Light its own distinctiveness and editional character.

The project was shown for the first time at Kinfolk in conjunction with the Copenhagen design biennale, Reform 2016.