Mathias Weber
Lives and works in Copenhagen

Selected works from the
period: 2013 -2019


Year -

Materials -
Pine, two component lacquer
and galvanized screws

Dimensions -
L. 180 x W. 75 x D. 70 cm

Limited Edition -
2/2 - this project is closed

The table is done in pine wood and lacquered in a two-component auto lacquer with a glossy shimmer in a black and deep blue nuance. The reflecting surface is broken by repeating slotted screws, giving it a contrasting detail, breaking the smooth surface of the table and making the construction and joints visible.

The initial thought was to give the work a sense of time. ‘BRUT’ is a timeless tale of a table that, through its dimensions, choice of materials and with its composite expression, oscillates between the table as common property – as a functional object – and the ideal of a table, as an object with artistic and installationary potential.

The choice of pine wood in standard dimensions (inches) as well as the visibly composite construction is a nod to Enzo Mari’s vision of creating furniture that are reproducible and thereby potentially common property.

The hard and glossy surface adds a sculptural character to the table, raising form over material.

The “excessive” use of the outdated slotted screws yields associations to the furniture architect Peder Moos, who was fond of decorating his furniture with dowels – but my approach is minimalist and the use of screws is necessary for the stability of the table in this context.

The ‘Brut’ table was done as an exhibition contribution for the design biennale Reform 2014, presented first at Frama and subsequently at Danish Design Center and the exhibition hall Four Boxes.