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Resumé -
born denmark, 1987
lives and works in copenhagen

Studio Mathias Weber
Copenhagen, Denmark
Founded, 2013

Grants -

2020 Nationalbanken, Working Grant

2017 Statens Kunstfond, Working Grant

Education -

2010 (09) – 2013 (06)
Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
Copenhagen, Denmark
(MA)- Furniture

Design Academy Eindhoven
Eindhoven, Holland

2007 (09) – 2010 (06)
Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
Copenhagen, Denmark
(BA) - Furniture

Mathias Weber (1987) was trained at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Denmark, with additional studies in Eindhoven. He lives and works in Copenhagen, where he has been running Mathias Weber Studio since 2013.

Mathias Weber Studio focuses on creating distinct furniture editions and series, objects and sculptural formats which attentively and consciously balances between object and function.

The work is characterized by a minimalistic approach to furniture and objects, and it is the unique qualities of the material that are brought into play in the choice of materials, in a balanced and self-explanatory design language.

As a furniture designer, the works of Mathias Weber demonstrate a solid respect and understanding of the craft of design – and as an artist, he is inspired by the shapes of modernism and the materials of sculptural art. Working with furniture and objects, in editions and larger stocks, his work oscillates between the unique, achieved through the expressive movements of the hand and the mechanical timeless perfection, achievable in an industrially inspired production.

“I find my inspiration in classical design and iconic expressions, archetypes and bursting shapes in architecture. I am extremely selective, and when I research the individual qualities of materials, I reflect on the contexts in which it has been utilized previously and how it can be implemented into my contemporary praxis in a meaningful way”

His objects and furniture are made in smaller quantities, either by Mathias Weber or in close collaboration with experienced professionals; smaller Danish manufacturers that contribute knowledge that can support his vision and supplement the workshop facilities of Mathias Weber Studio.

It is an essential motif in the praxis of Mathias Weber, as an artist, to challenge the perceptual habits. Compositionally and in terms of craftsmanship, he strives towards sculptural and living formats that do not compromise function, but rather clarify the artistic potential of the furniture through its design language.

“Furniture is initially a dead object that is only activated when it is used. Furniture “should just be”. It should be viewed as form, but it should also be obvious how to use the furniture”

Mathias Weber Studio is open to collaborations with galleries, manufacturers and other experienced professionals that share the vision of high quality and integrity in the artistic praxis; furniture > art > industry