Mathias Weber
Lives and works in Copenhagen

Selected works from the
period: 2013 -2019

Clay Iconisation

Year -

Materials -

Treatment -

Production -
One off

Dimensions -
H. 75 x W. 40 x D. 40 cm

Status -

Through an intuitive and straightforward elaboration of clay-experiments and construction principles I have sought to investigate different expressions of abstractions and (im)perfections in the combination of clay and wood.

As a comment on democratic design, which in my opinion is a symptom of the stagnant development of mass consumerism and the overall boredom of an insensible and unsurprisingly industry aiming for the lowest prize, and as a result: the lowest (well-camouflaged) quality possible of both materials – which are to be cheap, and designs – which are to be standardized and mass-producible.

The ceramic process and the analogue approach allow – almost demand– identity into presumably standardized designs. The intention of the clay-chair has been to offer that unexpected, uncontrollable something which makes design playful and challenging for the designer as well as unique – keepable rather than disposable – for the consumer. In both cases my attempt has been to bring the demanded sculptural value of clay into play and turn the imperfect attitude into something desirable.