Mathias Weber
Lives and works in Copenhagen

Selected works from the
period: 2013 -2019

'Fishing for Lines (catch 2011-2016)

Year -

Materials -
corroded steel, lacquer, rope, saltwater

Dimensions -
H. 73 x W. 55 x D. 2 cm

“Fishing for Lines” combines an intended line and process with materials that, over time, take control of the work. The steel plate is the canvas which was exposed to a beginning process of rust in the encounter with the sea (salt water) back in 2011.

The process is controlled through prior lacquer application but over the last five years the process has sped up, and the rust is now intruding into the lines that make up the guiding principle.

The work is suspended on a wall 40 cm above the floor and hangs from the rope used to try and rein the process in. This allows the viewer to become involved in the preceding process.

“Fishing for Lines” is a concrete inquiry into the processes that create visual art, and at the same time, it touches upon man’s attempt to control the uncontrollable.